FIND YOUR SITELOCK PLAN NOW Keep your Website Malware and Attack Free

Keep your Website Files Safe

Removes Malware from your Host

Monitors and Updates you 24x7

Protects your Website from Attack

How it Works?

Find: Vulnerability Scanning, Malware Detection, Automated Pen Testing, Source Code Testing
Fix: Eliminate Backdoors, Automatic Malware Removal, Vulnerability Remediation
Prevent: Managed Web App Firewall, DDoS Prevention, Backdoor Mitigation, SQLi & XSS Prevention
Accelerate: Global CDN, Load Balancing, Static & Dynamic Caching, Unlimited Bandwidth
Comply: PCI-Certified WAF, WAF PCI Reporting, PCI External Scan & SAQ


Up to 25 Pages
Daily Malware Scan
Reputation Management

Price: $60.00 / 1 Year


Up to 100 Pages
Automatic Malware Removal
Daily FTP Scanning
File Change Monitoring

Price: $96.00 / 1 Year


Up to 500 Pages
Website Vulnerability Scanning
Network Security Scanning
SQLi (SQL-I) and XSS Scanning

Price: $180.00 / 1 Year


Up to 2500 Pages
Advanced Vulnerability Scanning

Price: $480.00 / 1 Year

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

Is SiteLock really effective?

Of-course, SiteLock is really effective in protecting your website making firewall and taking other hack preventing actions. It detects the malware of your website and helps to keep your website safe.

How would I get and Setup it?

There are different type of SiteLock packages. You can choose as per your need from different type of packages. After the purchase of a package we will setup and configure it for your hosting which is free of cost.